39 Dufferin Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1M 2H3
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Sunday Service at 10:30 am
Sunday School and Nursery/Play Room 

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We strive to have a meaningful worship service that will
nourish you spiritually.


Worship is the centre of our life at MacKay. We strive to have a meaningful worship service that will nourish you spiritually.  Everyone will receive a warm welcome in our beautiful sacred space.  We are a church where you can deepen and expand your spiritual life by seeking answers to questions about spirituality and religion.  It is enriched by the ministry of Music provided by our Senior Choir and special guests.


We begin our worship service at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings.  Please come right in and have a seat.  We are happy that you are joining us!  At the Mackay Street doors, an usher will greet you and give you an order of service or “bulletin” (hymns, prayers, readings, title of the message and announcements).  A large projection screen in the corner of the sanctuary displays the service prayers, hymn lyrics and readings as laid out in the bulletin. A prayer book is available at the entrance to write the names of those you would like us to include in our Prayers of Concern.  You may also enter at the side door of Dufferin Road.  The service lasts for about an hour after which you are invited to “Talk Time” in the Memorial Hall for fellowship and refreshments.


A wheelchair accessible entrance is through the Memorial Hall on Dufferin Road near the small parking lot on Avon Lane which is designated accessible-only on Sundays. A ramp provides access to the Sanctuary where there is an area set aside for those with wheelchairs and walkers and their families.  Washrooms are accessible.  Street parking is free on Sundays.


Children sit with their parent(s) for the first few minutes of the service at which time they are invited up to the front of the Sanctuary for a special song.  They then go with their teachers to Sunday School for Godly Play programme.  The staffed Nan Slinn Nursery and Playroom is on the second floor through the door at the front right side of the Sanctuary and up the stairs.  The service is ‘piped’ into the nursery if you choose to remain with your child.  A wall-mounted change table is located in the washroom near the nursery.  Please ask if you need directions, someone will be happy to take you.

For more information, visit our blog at http://mackaysundayschool.blogspot.ca


Worship at MacKay is free and open to anyone and everyone! The offering is a free-will offering that enables our church to keep our doors open and provide services and outreach, faith formation, caring and healing, for anyone in our community.  All of our expenses are met by the voluntary free will offering on Sunday mornings and we receive no grants.  Some people choose to give their offering through PAR (Pre-authorized remittance), which is arranged through the church office to have a set amount of money debited from your bank account to MacKay United Church on a regular basis.  This enables the church to receive your donation whether or not you able to attend each Sunday, and greatly helps to prepare the annual budget. This can be arranged or stopped at any time.