39 Dufferin Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1M 2H3
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Sunday Service at 10:30 am
Sunday School and Nursery/Play Room 

Discover a warm, welcoming and
beautiful sacred space.

Deepen and expand your spiritual life.

Receive inspiration
and guidance.

Find friendship in a progressive, inclusive,
and encouraging community.

MacKay Church and Sign

Sunday School Picnic

Join us Sun, June 21st at the Govenor General's playground!


Church Glass


Seeking spiritual understanding
in a welcoming community
together in Christ
open to the Spirit
acting in service
through God's love
for all.


In Christ's name, we will live our vison
...by providing opportunities to explore the
Christian faith
...by building and creating awareness of
a welcoming community
...by studying and speaking of Jesus and reflecting
the Christ of faith and hope in our lives
...by being ever open to the Spirit and sharing our
Spiritual lives and our joy or sorrow
...by responsibly using our skills to sustain our
church, to care for and comfort others,
and to seek justice
...by being good stewards of God's creation



Piano reflection


On April 12th, 2015, on the recommendation of the Joint Search Committee, the MacKay Congregation called the Reverend Peter Woods to be our new Minister.  MacKay welcomes Reverend Woods who will be joining us on August 10th.  To read about Reverend Woods, please see the link above. Reverend Woods is also an accomplished musician.